Mobile App Development Trends 2017

Hybrid app development:
Hybrid development combines the most effective of each the native and HTML5 worlds. we have a tendency to outline hybrid as a web app, primarily designed using HTML5 and JavaScript, that's then wrapped within a skinny native container that has access to native platform features.

Beacon with integrated GPS technology:
GPS systems are very useful and can be found in practically any industry sector. They can be used to map forests, help farmers harvest their fields and navigate airplanes on the ground or in the air.
Global positioning system applications categories:
1. Location
2. Navigation
3. Tracking
4. Mapping
5. Timing

Some of the applications that GPS systems are currently being used for around the world. Using GPS systems in ways that make their work more productive, safer, and easier.

Virtual reality & Artificial Intelligence:
Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence inevitably evoke descriptive pictures of a room full of gamers. But, AI and VR can amendment the way you communicate and do business. Most business leaders aren't quite sure yet how AI and VR are relevant to their companies and what is in it for them.
A great example of the communications shift brought by AI is within the mass adoption of chatbots. These conversational interfaces are already being wide enforced across different industries and have the potential to disrupt the Apps business.

Integrating the big data:
Big data integration could be a key operational challenge for today's enterprise IT departments. IT groups might find their ability sets, workload, and budgets over-stretched by the necessity to manage terabytes or petabytes of data during a method that delivers real value to business users.

Ensuring security & Consumer Apps:
Online Privacy
Protect Your Personal Data
Identity Theft

Cloud-based mobile apps:
Mobile cloud apps are similar just like Web-based applications. The most similarity is that both mobile cloud apps and web apps run on servers external to the mobile device and need the use of a browser on the mobile device to show so use the app program.
Mobile cloud apps don't need to be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Users view the mobile cloud app UI during a browser window on the remote device. a web connection is needed to use mobile apps running on a mobile cloud.

Prioritized navigation:
Well, of these designs and features slot in their own space and have advantages for higher user experiences. however mobile technology has advanced more to collaborate with many alternative technologies and devices. the world is obtaining a lot of compact and smaller with evolving technologies.

Until now apps for wearable devices were largely focused on the business. But now, wearable devices are expected to be utilized by enterprises to boost productivity and potency. In recent times, there's plenty a lot of noise around fashion and textile industries adopting the wearable technology.

Everything is connected within the world of technology through Internet of Things. it's fully grown exponentially with good devices that keep adding to the list. within the returning years, it's expected to expand to its full potential. the world can come back even nearer as IoT takes the center stage.

With of these technologies and additional, developers need to be compelled to come back up with solutions to challenges dealing with security vulnerabilities. however, solutions with a perfect direction are what makes your concepts stand out amongst the crowd. There are new expectations and new innovations to look out for within the returning years.